If you’re reading this from the UK, EU or the USA, chances are you’re being spoilt with gloriously produced beautifully FX’d adverts from Coca-Cola, Bud, Adidas and the usual hit squad of big league sponsors that prepared their campaigns some years before we started googling ‘Where’s Nizhniy Novgorod’ and ‘How to eat pelmeni’. But what about the smaller guys? The brave countries that look to a local brand to give them their fill of excitement in the (globally mandated) pre-match advertising? He’s an incredibly low intellect look at some of the big hitters from brands you’re likely to not have heard of. (Unless you are from the below countries – in which case, please accept my apologies. Don’t sue me – it’s just an article.)

5. Saudi Arabia

STC the local telecoms company have come with this funky number (you’ll notice a theme in this article – every country, whatever size or scale, will always have a telco with some $$$ to make an ad for their team).

We might perceive Saudi Arabia as men walking around hotel lobby’s looking serious, shaking hands with be-suited Westerners but in this ad everyone is joining in the singling and dancing. Catchy. Also worth noting that Saudi does NOT have snow and rather than hide it, they’ve owned it – fessing up that in the ad they did in fact simulate some scenes. Good transparency.

4. Egypt

Known to many as ”The New England Team” – Egypt will be discussing Salah’s fitness and praying for him just as England used to do with ____ (insert any one of Lineker / Robson / Beckham / Owen / Rooney depending on your age). Like Saudi, Telecom Egypt has another snazzy song and the team has gone native – having seen England’s 1990 classic they’ve matched and raised them with this one.

Hey Egypt – nice Panini sticker imitation but what’s with the windmills?

3. Costa Rica

Apart from being good at beating Scotland, there’s not a lot anyone really knows about Costa Rica, though it is rumoured to be situated ”somewhere near Mexico” if you ask the average European. Well god bless them, thanks to local brand Kolbi we can see how grateful Costa Rican’s are to be in Russia. Some textbook fist pumping but also some heartfelt true-to-Latino facial expressions that Maradona would be proud of. (Maradona is not from Costa Rica, but if I said Alejandro Morera Soto instead, I’d lose the audience)

2. Korea

We were all hoping for something a bit left of centre, borderline weird from Korea and they have not let us down. Matching uniformed cartoon characters? Check. Sing along lyrics so we can all shout ‘We are Reds’? Guaranteed. Thanks Korea Telecom – not sure if fans from England would have appreciated BT making football chants for them, but that’s no benchmark.

1. Senegal

I’ll be honest, I had high hopes for Senegal – I just thought there might be something totally unexpected. However what I instead found was a massive opportunity for titans of marketing and sponsorship – the big boys and girls of LinkedIn that have cash, will spend. Senegal have been jolly busy preparing for the world cup and as such, the Senegalese FA has not found time to get local sponsors. For a cut price deal there are still spaces to buy on their web site www.fsf.sn – helpfully clearly marked as ‘Banner ad’ and ‘Wide sponsor ad’. There’s still time advertisers – move fast.