So there we are – London – where (incredibly) the sun shined and the public transport more-or-less ran on time for the Innovate Finance Global Summit – a world-leading Finance event attended by 2000+ delegates and over 300 Fintechs. Amongst that crowd were 10 brave Danish scale-ups. (‘Danish’ in the sense that they are based fully or in part at the Copenhagen Fintech Lab) Some already in new markets, others just beginning the journey. This was their chance to shine in the global Fintech capital aka London Town. Here’s a snapshot of the contingent from Copenhagen Fintech and what they do:

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Nordic API Gateway has two businesses – a B2C offering, ‘SPIIR‘ aimed at helping Millennials save money on their terms via an app. Their global business is built around Nordic API Gateway – a single API that connects you to all the Nordic banks and gives you accounts and transactions data from real users. More on Full Reach’s coverage of them can be found here

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An award winning pension start-up, Grandhood seeks to create a product that reflects the reality of modern life where people move jobs multiple times and need a more flexible pension product to match their needs.

More on Full Reach’s coverage of them can be found here.


CrediWire has a free platform that offers automatic reporting to the bank, auditor or board. It provides graphs and illustrations with an easy budgeting feature. Via APIs and dashboards they deliver real-time credit rating and granular analytics.


Invest Suite is a B2B offering actually having at least 3 ‘homes’ including Denmark, Poland and Belgium where it was founded. It’s focused on providing automated investment solutions to help financial institutions retain their clients by addressing their rapidly-evolving digital needs.
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Another B2B focused business within payments and invoicing. Likvido integrates with existing accounting software to improve, streamline and speed up payments of invoices to help SME’s avoid the ‘cash flow trap’ of late payments.


With verification to ensure compliance a growing theme, New Banking Identity provides a user identity platform to perform identity checks necessary in order to be fully compliant with regulatory requirements.


Claiming to be the digital piggy bank of the future, Ernit is designed to help you teach your children how to manage and save money in a world of digital currencies. The app enables you and your kids to create wishes, and allows you and others to contribute money from nearby or

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All the way from Iceland, Memento offers the next generation social payment platform for banks so they can successfully launch their own social payment ecosystem to the market in a matter of weeks.


Subscription management and white labelling, Subaio aims to help banks give their users a better experience with a product that allows users to get more relevant insights. Some of these features include recurring payments and subscriptions cancellation.


A truly exotic ‘Danish’ company based in Copenhagen via the Singapore network. Noviscient is a next-generation investment manager, offering their clients Structured Dynamic Learning technology to select alpha partners with a reliable ability to generate alpha trading signals.